The Radio Technologies and Applications Group (GEA) was started in December 2012 by Eva Rajo-Iglesias, Luis Inclán-Sánchez and Jose-Luis Vázquez-Roy, with the purpose of creating an excellence centre of research in the fields of antennas and microwaves. Although the group has been recently created, their members have vast experience (and international recognized prestige) in electromagnetism, a career that has been developed during the last decade at their affilitation at Carlos III University of Madrid, at the Department of Signal Theory and Communications.

The Radio Technologies and Applications Group (GEA) has expertise in many research lines related to antennas and microwave devices, particularly in:

  • the Design and Optimization of Printed Antennas: Multiband, Multimode
  • Antenna Arrays and Mutual Coupling Reduction
  • Antennas for specific applications like: MIMO systems, implantable and textile antennas, industrial applications.
  • Artificial Surfaces (Soft/Hard), Periodic Structures and Metamaterials
  • Gap waveguide technology
  • Leaky Wave Antennas
  • Nano-electromagnetism
  • Optimization Techniques and High Performance Computing (HPC) in Electromagnetism
  • RF systems and devices for communications, positioning and identification
  • Technologies for RADAR and Radio-determination
  • Transformation Optics and Lenses

The Group is currently involved in two publicly funded research projects related to the implementation of Gap-waveguide Technology in millimeter wave antennas and beam-forming networks.